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Hair Extensions Not for You? Halo Couture and DreamCatchers May Change Your Mind—and Your Look.

By September 21, 2015September 25th, 2015Hair

Before and after photos of hair extension application

You have this big occasion coming up and think to yourself: I’d really like to make an impression with a totally new look!

Sure, you can buy the outfit. And yes, you could drop a few modest pounds or deepen your tan in days or weeks. But what if you could add volume, length—that certain Wow! Factor—to your hairstyle in a matter of hours, if not minutes?

How is this possible? Ask your stylist about creating the look you want using high-quality Halo Couture or DreamCatcher hair extensions.

A bad rep

Extensions have developed a bad reputation over the years, and deservedly so.  They were tedious to install and remove; the colors didn’t match; you couldn’t style them easily; and they started to deteriorate five minutes after leaving the salon—in short, not what you’d hoped for.

For the longest time, virtually all of the source hair for extensions came from India. Its natural color was black. So anything lighter got that way through repeated lightening. This, of course, took its toll on the hair, stripping away not just color, but texture and longevity as well.

Then there was the process of putting them in. Most required “tipping” each piece with Keratin or Protein bonds, which is a fancy way of saying they were glued in place. Hours to put in; hours to take out.

But times have changed.

Welcome to a new age

Halo Couture and DreamCatchers have revolutionized the world of hair extensions. Both lines provide the finest extension products on the market, not only for their quality, but for the simplicity of the application and removal processes as well.

Remy Hair

Before and After photos of Halo Couture client

Hair quality makes all the difference! Halo Couture and DreamCatchers use 100% blended Remy human hair. Remy hair is sourced from Europe, so the colors you see are as they were acquired, unaltered, un-lightened. They haven’t been stripped of their cuticles or their natural luster and texture. That’s why they give you lasting fullness and beauty.



Before and after photo of DreamCatchers hair extensions

And because Remy hair is all-natural, you can do things with it not possible with other products. Halo Couture and DreamCatcher hair extensions can be curled, styled, and even colored—just like your own hair.




These extensions come in an array of colors, so finding a match is not the ordeal it was in the past. They also come in a variety of lengths, from 12” to 24”. So whether you want to lengthen your hairstyle or just add volume at your present length, you’re all set.

Color samples by Halo Couture (left) ad DreamCatchers (right)

Easy in, easy out

Halo Couture and Dreamcatchers hair extensions are not clip-in extensions, nor are they glued or weaved into place.

The Halo Couture system, as the name implies, uses a mono-filament wire (“halo”) that is fully adjustable and is completely invisible when installed. The wefted base of hair is simply put in place, the halo adjusted, and your own hair “scooped” out to cover the wire and halo. Once your hair has been styled the first time, it’s a matter of minutes to put your Halo® Extensions in place time after time.

Halo Couture Application Process

The DreamCatchers system, while not a self-install product, also ensures long-lasting, natural looking extensions that can be styled as you like and give you lasting wear. DreamCatchers use micro-cylinders to attach the extensions to your existing hair—without damaging it. Dreamcatchers has also introduced a tape-in system, which also provides the look you wat without damaging your own natural hair.

DreamCatchers application process

Now is a good time

The stylists at Christie’s Salon are fully trained in the application of both Halo Couture and DreamCatchers hair extensions. What’s even better? Christie’s Salon is currently offering these hair extension products at a 25% discount. Now is the time to get longer, fuller, more luxurious hair.

Call Christie’s today at (410) 590-0900 to set up your appointment.


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  • crystal says:

    I have short, very thick, unruly hair and i was thinking about getting hair extensions. But i was wondering how expensive can it get and how long do they typically last. Thank you

    • Hello Crystal
      The best way to answer your question is to offer you a free consultation, reason being until we can see the texture and length of your hair it is difficult to give you an accurate answer on cost. A typical install for someone looking for length or just added fullness could range from $450 up to $1350 or more, this all depends on how many extensions we need to install to achieved your desired look. To answer your question on how long can our hair extensions last, without proper care 6 months with proper care and attention we have seen clients wear their extensions for up to 2 years. Crystal I hope this helps to answer your questions on hair extensions. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation.