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We require 48 hour notice for cancellation of any reservation. If a notice of 48 hours is not given it can result in a cost total up to the amount of your missed reservation.

As a result of a “no show” a fee or deposit must be paid before another reservation is made. If 2 or more reservation are missed you will be asked to secure your next reservation with a deposit equal to the cost of the reservation. This deposit will go towards the cost of your next reservation. If that reservation is not kept or cancelled in 48 hours the deposit will go to pay your technician and the salon for the time that was reserved.

New client reservations made for services totaling $200.00 or more must pay a 50% deposit in order to reserve time with a technician. Cancellation policy applies to this deposit.

Wedding Parties must pay a 50% deposit on booking services for the entire party. Cancellation policy applies to everyone client booked in this deposit.

Hair extensions must be paid for in advance of your install reservation. Installation is the service and considered a separate fee from the hair you have purchased. Cancelation policy applies to install service only.


We appreciate clients arriving promptly at their schedule reservation.  Clients arriving 15 minutes or later are considered late and are subjected to a reduced appointment (ex. full foil reduced to a partial foil or a haircut reduced to a wet cut) or the reservation will be considered a cancelled/no show reservation and a fee may be applied see our policies for cancelled/n0 show reservations above.


We accept Cash, Check, Master Card, Visa and Discover.

We ask you to tip your technician directly as we do not accept tips for our employees. They accept all forms of payment listed above including various cash apps as well.

We require a deposit for reservations on weddings, hair and lash extensions, any service or combination of services totaling $200.00 or more .

There is a 35.00 return check fee on all returned checks. We reserve the right to refuse a check as form of payment from clients who have had a previous returned check and clients new to the salon.


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