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Hair Services

Prices subject to stylist starting tier level and can increase due to thickness and length of hair.



Shampoo| Cut| Style| $45-50-55
Wet Cut| No Blow Dry| $34-37-41
Shampoo & Blow  Dry| $34-37-41
Bang Trim| Complimentary
Formal Styles| $82-90-99
Braids| $27-30-33

**Wedding parties welcome! (Consultation required)


“Shampoo| Cut| Style”|
“10 & under”| $20-22-24
“11 & older”| $28-31-34


“Shampoo| Cut| & Style”| $30-33-36
“Beard| Neck| & Brow Trim”| $7-$8-$9


Deep Conditioning| $16-$56
Malibu Treatments| $16-$40
Olaplex| $27



Color Touch Up & Style| $79-87-95
Color Touch Up| Cut & Style| $95-105-115
Double Process & Style| $95-105-115
Double Process| Cut & Style| $112-124-136
Refresh Mid Shaft to Ends|
– Short Length| $17-19-21
– Medium Length| $23-25-27
– Long Length| $28-31-34
Corrective Color| $95 & up
Men’s Express Color| $40-44-48


Balayage/Ombre| & Style| $161-177-195
Full Head Foil Highlights & Style| $150-165-182
Full Head Foil Highlights| Cut & Style| $167-184-203
Partial Head Foil Highlights & Style| $102-112-123
Partial Head Foil Highlights| Cut & Style| $105-$116
Face Framing Foil Highlights & Style| $50-$55
Per Foil| $7-$8-$9


Color Touch up| Full Foil| & Style| $192-211-232
Color Touch up| Full Foil| Cut & Style| $209-$230-$253
Color Touch up| Partial Foil| & Style| $152-167-185
Color Touch up| Partial Foil| Cut & Style | $200-$232


Japanese Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning| $476
Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment| $59-65-72
Brazilian Blowout| $281-309-340
Goldwell Kerasil| $281-309-340
Basic Perm| $95-105-116
Beach Wave or Spiral Perm| $124-136-150
Relaxer| $100-110



Eyebrows| $15-$17
Lip/Chin| $15-$17
Two Area| $28-$32
Side Burns| $15-$17
Full Face| $50-$55
Eyebrow Shaping| $25-$28


Bikini| $40-$44
Extended Bikini $45-$50
Brazilian| $85
Brazilian Maintenance $70
Full Arm $45-$50
Lower Arm| $28-$31
Under Arms $28-$31
Abdominal| $30-$33
Full Leg| $65-$70
Half Leg| $50-$54
Chest| $60-$66
Back| $60-$66

Spa Services



Mud Therapy Body Wrap| $80
Seaweed Body Wrap| $80
Glow Body Wrap| $80


All waxing services include pretreatment cleanser| after wax soothing cream| high frequency treatment and concealer as needed

**Please inform your esthetician if you are currently using any retinol/AHA/BHA skin care**

Brow shaping| $25 & up
Face- Lip| cheek| sides OR chin | $13 & up
Eyebrow duo- includes brow and 1 facial area (lip| chin| sideburns| or cheeks)| $50 & up
Bikini| $35 & up
French Bikini| $45 & up
Brazilian| $85 & up
Underarms| $30 & up
½ leg (upper)| $55 & up
½ leg (lower)| $45 & up
Full leg| $90 & up
Full Back or Chest| $85 & up
Fingers or toes| $12



Event Make-Up Application| $65-$85
Bridal Make-Up $100-$105
Custom Blend Liquid Foundation| $60
Custom Blend Mineral Powder| $60
Make-up refresher $20
Make-up lesson $100
Make-up application after purchase of custom foundation| $40-$44
Custom Blend Mineral Bronzer| $40
Custom Blend Concealer| $20
Temporary Lashes| $25-$28
Lash OR Brow Tinting | $25-$33
Lift and tint $85


European Facial (60 min)| $90
Tier one $100-$110
Tier two $112-$120
Tier three $120-$135
Men’s Executive Facial (60 min)| $75-$83
Back Facial| $65-$72


Facial For Sensitive Skin| $75-$83
Anti-aging Facial| $95-$105
Oxygenation Facial (PRODUCT ONLY NO MACHINE USED)| $100-$110
Microdermabrasion(PRODUCT ONLY NO MACHINE USED)| $100-$110
Acne Clearing Facial| $95-$105


Express Facial| $55-$61
Express Men’s Facial| $55-$61
Teen Acne Facial| $55-$61



Lash Tinting (30 min)| Our esthetician will apply a custom blend of semi- permanent vegetable dye to your natural eyelash which gives the appearance of dark full lashes without the assistance of mascara that lasts for weeks.|  $40

Brow Tinting (15 min) | Brow tinting is a color service that uses semi-permanent vegetable dye to enhance color, shape, and thickness.|$20

Brow/lash combo (45 min)|| $55

Keratin Lash Lift (60 min)| This treatment is a new innovative way to perm your natural eyelashes and keep them curly for 6-8 weeks. Keratin, a protein composed of amino acids, will strengthen and fill in your follicles, making them look fuller. This is a great alternative to eyelash extensions. |$65

Keratin Lash Lift and Lash tint combo.| |$90


Classic Set| Individual silk lash extensions are placed on each your individual lashes, up to twice the lash’s length.|$200

Volume Set|A fan of 3 synthetic lash extensions are placed on each of your individual lashes, up to twice the lash’s length.|$250

Hybrid Set|A combination of individual silk lash extension and 3-lash fans are placed on your individual lashes, up to twice the lash’s length.|$225

Classic Fill|A 60 to 90-minute session to replace any lash extensions that may have been lost due to growth or cleansing. Recommend every 2 weeks.|$55-80

Volume Fill|A 60 to 90-minute session to replace any lash extension fans that may have been lost due to growth or cleansing. Recommended every 2 weeks. This is also the service used for Hybrid Set fills.|$65-90

Lash Extension Removal|A gel is placed on your lash extensions to break down the adhesive used in application of your extensions. |$40



Warm Stone Therapy| $15-$17
Aromatherapy| $10
Multi Task Revitalizing Eye Mask| $20
V Neck Firming Mask| $20


Air Brush Tanning| $35-$39


Flirty Set| $100.00
Clasic Set| $200.00
Dramatic Set| $300.00
Lash Fill| 55.00 & up

MASSAGE Services


***All massage work opens with a breathing exercise for optimal mental clarity and concludes with compression or light stretches to promote blood flow and circulation from the work completed in today’s session.

Swedish Massage (60 min/90 min) $70/$100
Relax and unwind into a calmer state of mind with this classic Swedish treatment. Soft-to-moderate pressure is utilized with various massage techniques to promote blood circulation, decrease stress, reduce pain, and enhance the sleep cycle.

Hot or Cold Stone Massage (90 min): $125
Utilizing principles found in Swedish treatment with the inclusion of aromatherapy for added benefits, this technique includes hot or cold basalt massage stones to introduce a hot or cold therapy to the Swedish approach. This specialized treatment promotes deep relaxation, pain relief from weary muscles, and detoxification.

Prenatal Massage (60 min): $65
Indulge in the benefits and comfort of our classic Swedish while on your journey to motherhood. This particular session promotes a strong emotional, mental, and physical connection. Additionally, this experience is a bonding opportunity for a soon-to-be mother and child.
Relaxation, comfortability, and safety precautions are accommodated by utilizing a side-lying position, a body pillow, and extra cushions.
Disclaimer: You must have reached the second trimester to receive treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage (60/90 min): $70/$100
Refresh and rejuvenate those overworked muscles with deep compressive, rhythmic, and gliding techniques to promote a reduction in tension within specific muscles, correct muscle imbalances, break up scar tissue, and reset the length of shortened muscles.

Sports Massage (30-60 min): $40/$70
The adaptive technique is utilized to prepare you for a vigorous workout or ease you into a state of calm following its conclusion.
This pre- and post-workout treatment promotes muscle recovery, injury prevention, and flexibility to accommodate you before or after an athletic event.

Custom Massage (60-90 min) $70/$125
This unique offer is fitting for clients uncertain of which modality may best suit them. It combines techniques used in Swedish, myofascial, and deep tissue alongside 1 massage enhancement of the client’s choice for that custom care and experience.

The Reflexology Massage (60 min) $75
Your whole being will breathe a sigh of relief as energy surges through every part of your body. Utilizing the various reflex pathways within the feet and hands, a pressure point massage is performed to target specific areas of the body’s internal systems. This restorative treatment is very relaxing, helps alleviate stress, and renews your sense of balance within the body. This session is finished off with a micro hot towel treatment and light massage of the lower legs and arms.

Chair Massage (15 minutes): $15
A brief moment of zen for those who have limited time, are on a lunch break, or are in between appointments. Take a seat and take some deep breaths on our comfortably cushioned, easily accessible massage chair with versatile features to comfortably accommodate our clients on a tight schedule.


Enhancements may be added to any massage.

Aroma Therapy: $10
Our infused, essential oils help with reducing stress, relieving anxiety, and increasing your inner calm. We also offer oils that help with any congestion due to seasonal allergies. Our essential oils are applied throughout the duration of your service and conclude with slow and deep inhalations at the very end.

Trigger Point Therapy: Neck/Shoulders or Back/Glutes: $10
Using optimal pressure and manipulation in specifically affected trigger point areas to relieve pressure and tension caused by injury, overuse, or repetitive motion. Significantly decrease pain and increase mobility with this added treatment.

Face & Scalp Massage: $10
Soft, gentle strokes and stretches are applied without oil or lotion to the facial muscles to alleviate sinus pressure, congestion, and migraines.
Warm peppermint oil is then applied to the scalp in preparation for a lovely scalp massage that reduces tension in the body, fatigue, stress, and anxiety, stimulates endorphin release, and helps you clear your mind and put your body at ease.
*Highly recommended for clients who are experiencing neck pain and chronic headaches*

Hot Towel Treatment: Feet or hands: $15 / Both: $30
An ideal treatment for overworked and achy feet and/or hands will be soothed and softened with hot towels that are stretched and compressed to ensure maximum comfort. A sugar scrub will leave your feet and hands relaxed and smooth, and a treatment mask with hot towels will add an extra dose of hydration. This enhancement finishes off with a relaxing massage using our luxurious body butter.

Extensions Keratin  and straigteners


Most hair extensions use glues, waxes, weaves or clips which are messy and can damage your hair. We strictly use micro-cylinder technology: clean, easy and non-damaging. We were the first salon in this area of Anne Arundel County trained in this cutting edge technology over 10 years ago. DreamCatchers worn by top celebrities is 100% European hair. Comes in an array of colors for a customizable look. Extensions are for everyone! Aging hair thins we can give you back your youthful appearance by thickening your hair adding body with extensions. Young and want long, sexy locks? Let us unleash your inner goddess. Call and ask about a consultation today!


BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT : Keratin Treatment

A celebrity favorite hair taming treatment! Make hair frizz-free, more manageable, and cut styling time in half! Visit for more information and benefits of this treatment.
Starting at $350 this includes take home retail maintenance products

GOLDWELL KERASILK: Keratin Treatment

From frustrated to fabulous. Discover the ultimate transformation. Kerasilk keratin treatment is the first customizable long-lasting smoothing service for hair smooth-like-silk for up to 5 months. Visit for more information and benefits of this treatment. Starting at $300 this includes your take home maintenance products.


We offer a permanent solution to tame, manage, and straighten curly, non-compliant hair with our Japanese Straightening, also known as Thermal Reconditioning, This process is a permanent straightening service and does require a lengthy visit. There is a down time of three days after the service with no washing, clipping, ponytails or moisture of any kind on the hair. This straightener has a starting price of $375.