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Our New Website

By June 8, 2015July 22nd, 2015Announcements

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are enjoying our new website as it has been a labor of love and a lot of fun. Without the creation of the website the remodel of the salon may not have taken place when it did. For that I’m very happy to thank Geoffrey Stertz of Ease Design and Marketing for such a beautiful job creating our website and patience with training me on the fine tuning and the running our site.

Please check out this area for upcoming events we will post here from time to time.


  • Suzy Fields says:

    I just opened your website and I absolutely love it… Nice Job!!!
    The gallery is really great and you all look super great in the pics , plus it looks like you had a blast / super fun doing them.
    You all look Marvelous :0)
    Suzy (aka Monique’s daughter )

  • Kate Lewis says:

    OMG the website looks amazing! Love it! The salon has come such a long way, and I’m glad that I was able to be there for part of its journey! <3